Project 2

Robotic Simulation of Advanced Hand Orthoses

Dick H. Plettenburg2, PhD
Arno H.A. Stienen1, PhD
Niek Beckers1, MSc.
Teun Strortelder1, PDEng
Ronald Bos2, MSc.

1. University of Twente
2. Delft University of Technology

Brief Summary:
Human hands play essential roles in the interaction between a person and the environment. Motor impairments that lead to hand disabilities impede such important functionalities and are commonly caused by stroke and muscular weaknesses. This has a negative effect on a person’s independence and social interaction. Individuals that suffer from such complications may benefit from using a hand orthosis: a device that aims to recover or enhance hand functionality. Within this project, hand orthoses will be developed and targeted at the rehabilitation of post-stroke impairments. In order to provide such technology, novel components, mechanisms and design strategies need to be developed that provide for a transparent man-machine interaction and intuitive control of the device.